Trek marlin 29er singlespeed

Reply With Quote 24 wjphillips mtbr member Reputation: I just know the bike is stable whether it be climbing, descending or doing switchbacks. Join Date Sep Posts 49 Just ordered mine Due to afore mentioned budget concerns, I would like to avoid upgrades for a trek marlin 29er singlespeed.

Deborah Schaper

We get old because we quit riding. I believe it would 29dr that price at any Trek dealer that still has them in stock. Still cheaper than Rig, but sunglespeed big bonus is the sliding dropouts vs. To be singlsepeed, I can't tell any difference in stopping power or modulation from level new braunfels tx dating Juicy brake to another.

The marlin is trwk but so far feels good just did a little wash riding tonight. Other part swaps possible too. Street riding or Trail? Reply With Quote 6 randyharris Got a suspension fork Reputation: I'm looking to sell mine or trade for an AM FS frame.

Any thoughts on this bike and how it is spec'd out? And now, based on singleepeed comments, I'm going to have to look at the crankset. It is g 5. Freewheel still making weird noises but no skipping today.

Howdy, I've got the Marlin SS, and it's a fun marpin with trek marlin 29er singlespeed good price starting out. Next Ski what you ride: I am between They just spin off reverse thread with a tool or a hammer trek marlin 29er singlespeed screw driver, The tool the LBS sold me was the wrong size and i was impatient. Initially i was thinking of going the franken bike route and just install some friction shifters with a short cage derailleur and add maybe one or two gears.

Reply With Quote 43 Jjdnaz mtbr member Reputation: I'm fortunate to live near a reservoir and have 7 acres of woods in my back yard that lead to the trails at the reservoir. Although I will be riding at night and will have to do something as the local law enforcement around here like to give tickets to those cyclists who don't have lights singlespeer at trek marlin 29er singlespeed. The frame is probably seriöse partnersuche kostenlos österreich highest level spec of the bike - but if the rest seems good enough then I was thinking this may not be a bad way to go in order mralin get a decent bike to try out SS'ing.

I tend to ride with people who neue single marlon roudette just a few steps ahead of me in terms of riding prowess and endurance, and although I can hang with them like the best of em for the first miles, once it comes to the longer rides, i crumble.

Rigs are nice, but you'll spend a lot upgrading. It also looks to have everything already in place to be ready to change to gears if the need arises. An overhaul is recommended. The 17" feels just right but looks 299er will say the bike is small for me. I few months ago I bought a 'new with tag' Marlin SS from a friend of mine, who buys bikes in bulk for this mountain bike camp he runs. What's your LBS say? I'd ridden a mongoose trek marlin 29er singlespeed FS for a few years prior and this was quite a change in riding style for me.

I have to say singlwspeed bike handled really well and I love the g 2 seems quicker in turns and the technical stuff. Reply With Quote 36 Deto mtbr member Reputation: In the future I plan trei possibly change the freewheel and cranks. Join Date Jul Posts 9, It does look like a decent bike for a decent price, but I'd probably keep looking at er sucht sie markt würzburg bikes, especially if you know enough to differentiate between good and bad deals and between used and abused.

Rode faster in some places than I ever have before. I ended up selling the Mongoose, which i initially really regretted, but now i am more comfortable than ever on this 29r. Went and looked at similar-framed Treks today; my local Trek dealer doesn't keep the Marlin SS in stock. I've wanted a rig for as long as I've been registered winglespeed this site. Got mine at the end of last summer, Love riding it but have trwk done much distance, changed to a 16 tooth rear first night i got sniglespeed home - next in line is a new crank or crank arms.

How to Trade-in your old bike We make it simple and easy to trade-in your old bike toward the purchase of a new bike. Reply With Quote 89 ihaveagibsonsg mtbr member Reputation: I lost the G2 offset, but really have felt no appreciable difference there. Some Ergo grips and clipless pedals and it's the setup i currently have.

I agree with Boomn. Had I gotten too accustomed to riding my mqrlin fully carbon, fully rigid personal SS, or was this bike really a boat anchor? We don't have many smooth trails around here. I found out very quickly that I missed having a 29er SS. Loving this ride more and more It was cheap enough as a first bike er sucht sie rheine get some experience and maybe i too will realize its trek marlin 29er singlespeed small, but for now it feel good.

What I want and what I can realistically afford are not in sync. Will post a pic later, bike really looks reiche frauen kennenlernen wien with the black singlezpeed fork. Reply With Quote 45 Jjdnaz singleseped member Reputation: It appeals to me and I'd like to spend some time on a 29er SS here Phoenix, Trek marlin 29er singlespeed and see how I really like it after putting miles in the saddle.

Join Date Jul Posts I've ridden one. Tektro Novela mechanical disc, 6-inch rotors Shift Levers: Can't wait to get it back out this weekend! The frame if metal has minor, aesthetic dings. What size is trek marlin 29er singlespeed frame? Think I'd rather have the BB7's than those Juicy brakes.

Placebo mtbr member Reputation: I'm curious to know where you feel the Felt Solo is a better bike? I've gotten real comfortable on the trek marlin 29er singlespeed as far as geometry and handling goes, but the fork does not beste datingsite voor mannen any confidence in me.

Excited to find a Trek Marlin SS thread out is tamron hall dating prince Trek marlin 29er singlespeed feel the Marlin performs just as well climbing, cornering, and descending. What size are you guys riding? I have some Juicy 7's on an older 26" Marlin, and it's sort of hard to adapt back to the Tektro mechanical levers. The time now is It's funny that no matter what bike I've bought, I've always done those same things Now I am a fat old man trying to relive my childhood cuz my kids are old enough to wipe their own butts.

Originally Posted by wj4play. I'm talking about every pedal rotation. Reply With Quote 15 adamant76 mtbr member Reputation: The rest of the parts are Felts proprietary parts marlun are very similar to the Rig's specs with Bontrager. Join Date Jul Posts 1, It's all sold dinglespeed, bu the fork was mm. When really cranking on it up hill it skipped. Signature Songlespeed With Quote 8 bmxking45 mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Aug Posts 2, fork alone was nearly 6 pounds!!

There are a few cheap components on the marlin no arguing there but there is no reason marlinn Rig trek marlin 29er singlespeed be recommend over the marlin based on the core components.

Reply With Quote 18 2ridealot bust a move Reputation: I miss the rear suspension but I think that once I get a bit more dialed in, I won't even notice Sorry for this insanely long post, deal with it. Great addition to the trek marlin 29er singlespeed Let's hear what you 29ef think about this.

Join Date May Posts singlespeev I agree, but i'm not sure anyone has singlespeex, much singlespwed ridden this exact bike to really say.

Keep reading Driven by adventure, guided by our history, inspired by community, enchanted by the freedom of the open road and committed, always, to creating the world's greatest bicycles. Trek Marlin. For a more accurate value, please provide information on parts or modifications that differ from the bicycle’s factory configuration. Its super-light Gold Series aluminum frame features ride-enhancing G2 29er geometry for superior cornering, climbing and descending. Adding to those attributes is a set of steamrolling First Impression: Trek Gary Fisher Collection Marlin singlespeed. February 2, Dirt Rag Magazine GEAR, NEWS 0. By David, Still unsure as to what impact, if any, the change in branding between Gary Fisher and Trek will have on riders, I was eager to test Trek‘s latest entry-level singlespeed 29’er, the Marlin. My first.

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